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MYR Consulting is an independent specialist risk consultancy.  With offices in Perth, Hong Kong and London, we are able to assist our clients wherever their business is conducted.


Risk, decisions and performance

All companies, large and small, are concerned to demonstrate how risk management programs deliver tangible benefits:

• Understanding how the program ”fits together”
• Managing risk volume while struggling to focus on what is important
• Recognising change and its impact on risk
• Making real improvements as a result of the risk management program

Sustained, practical activity that enables a balanced perspective on material business risks is the key challenge for the next generation of risk management programs.
The MYR enterprise based approach is directed to developing and improving your systems, processes and behaviours over the long term.  Our experience and innovative approach provides our clients with practical and effective enterprise risk programs and unique insight into material risks in the face of continual change. Most importantly, we don’t just tell you what the problems are, we help you make changes.


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MYR brings a wealth of practical experience and expertise to your risk management program.  Our brand of risk management is objectives based, focused on better decision making, problem solving and business improvement, as well as effective governance and compliance.