Our risk management approach is shaped by experience

Our expertise and approach to strategic, compliance, operational, project and extreme risk management has developed over hundreds of engagements in a wide range of businesses. You can be assured of relevant, practical and insightful outcomes which are directed to ensuring your business objectives are achieved.

We focus on strategic and business objective setting, then develop corporate, operational, project, sustainability and resilience risk profiles and capability, maintaining a balanced approach. In doing so, we are sensitive to our client’s culture, while addressing quality not quantity and long term benefits instead of short term fixes. We ensure that management and the Board understand the real risk profile. Most importantly, we advise on control planning, accountability and action, so there are no unwanted surprises. Over many years and experiences, we have developed and refined our approach to risk management based upon what we have found works for our clients.

Our role extends to acting as an “outsourced” risk manager as a cost effective alternative to establishing a full internal team. We have a high level of capability in database development for information capture, analysis and reporting to your requirements but also work with a range of enterprise risk software programs.