Case Studies

MYR assists clients to manage risk in a broad range of situations and for many different reasons. The following is a selection of client engagements reflecting the diverse nature of our work: 

Fortescue Metals Group. ERM Program 2008 - present
FMG is an international success story, with unprecedented growth of its mining operations from start up in 2007 to planned production of 155Mtpa iron ore by 2013. We have developed FMG’s ERM program. It is a flexible issues based program which adapts in response to a rapidly changing business environment and priorities. The program aims to support effective decision making and prioritised action for business risks while maintaining focus on resilience and sustainability.

Ocean Park Corporation. ERM Program 2007 - present
One of the world’s most impressive theme parks is HK based OPC. OPC values animal welfare as the cornerstone of its business, while growing its rides and amusements and the recent development of a large scale hotel and accommodation complex. MYR has progressively developed an ERM program, top down, which is now focused on material risks and hazards in each operating business unit. The rapid growth of visitors and the OPC business poses new and emerging risks to business, safety and resilience and the level of our support for OPC is increasing in response to their changing needs.

Kier Group. PSRM Program 2008 - present
Kier’s Professional Indemnity insurers have supported our involvement with Kier Group. In the face of increasing D&C risk, the move to a BIM environment and the expansion of non construction services, we have undertaken an extensive review of services, material risks in business units and developed an overall control framework. Recently a central team was created to drive further improvement across the group and MYR has been engaged to work with this team to make important changes.

Tensar International. PSRM Program 2005 - present 
This UK client had experienced some liability incidents and required MYR’s assistance to review its business and professional services risk profile. After a workshop based risk review, 100 control improvements were identified and we were subsequently engaged to develop the management system and to assist in implementing the 3 year plan for improving risk management practices. 

Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminal Ltd (Hactl). ERM Program risk manager 2004 - 2010
Hong Kong based Hactl, one of the largest air cargo terminals in the world, engaged MYR in 2004 to review its risk management systems (property, business, insurance, business continuity, fraud). Following this engagement, we were asked to structure Hactl’s ERM program and conduct initial risk reviews. A full ERM program was then developed. In 2007 we were asked to act as Hactl’s risk manager for a 3 year period, including enterprise risk, business continuity, insurance, compliance, property and information technology. We have since handed coordination of the program over to the trained management team.

Winbond Electronics. Property Risk Management 2000 - 2007
Windond is a Taiwan based semi conductor manufacturer. When MYR was first engaged, Winbond was unable to attract adequate insurance support for its property program and its risk management program needed to be overhauled. We developed with Winbond a 5 year program aimed at improving practices, engaging and marketing to insurance markets, improving physical and human element controls and progressively expanding risk management to other operational areas. We add special value to insurance programs in hard markets.

Western Areas. ERM program 2011 - present
MYR has a heavy focus on small to medium sized businesses where we consider we can add greater value from our experience of range of services. Western Areas has growth aspirations and is using ERM to help prioritise the development of its strategy, systems and processes. We are working with WSA on strategic, corporate, exploration, sustainability and resilience risk and helping to develop systems and processes in key areas such as business continuity, compliance and project governance.